Many people asks me: “what is your research question?”, “what is your subject?”, “what exactly will you do??” and other valid and good questions.

The broad answer is “more knowledge in the area of music in interactive applications”, but there are of course much more to say. I also wouldn’t be totally surprised if the target moves a bit when I start trying to catch it, but here is a glimpse of what can be expected:

  • I will scan research done so far in the subject
  • I will network with other nerds around the world searching for answers
  • I will evaluate how different technical solutions (for producing and integrating music into interactive applications) affect the end result for different listeners.
  • I will focus on the challenges in the process of making (live) performed, traditional music for interactive applications rather than computer generated, experimental music.
  • I will continue building my interactive music framework to solve some yet unmet needs in this area.

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