An XML-syntax and parser for implementing adaptive music in HTML pages. It lets you arrange, loop, randomize and playback any number of sections, stems and Motifs in perfect sync. iMusic is built upon Web Audio API and is developed by Hans Lindetorp in an iterative process with students at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. All rights belongs to Hans Lindetorp. Feel free to use it. The code will change a lot during the coming years and will serve as a platform for studies related to music production in interactive media.



WebAudioXML makes it possible to build a WebAudio application with HTML and XML without writing a single line of javascript. It aims at making it easy to get started with WebAudio and also contributes with a syntax that gives a clear overview of the audio connections and configurations.


Basic example with a touch controlled synth:

Interactive examples on CodePen:


WebAudioXML Sonification Toolkit

SonificationTookit is a web-based tool for learning, exploring and producing sonification of data. Download the code and run it on your own server or try it out in the online demo.