First international presentation

Last week I visited Innovation in Music 2017 – a great conference at University of Westminster, London where brilliant researchers and innovators in the field of music shared ideas, thought, results and visions. I also took the chance to present my study of the making of iMusic – my Javascript framework for playing back music in interactive environments. The focus is what differs my design from similar frameworks and the reason behind it. iMusic was developed as a teaching and testing tool for web pages and interactive exhibitions and has now been used in 50+ bachelor and master productions at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm including the beautiful Nobel Creations.

On my way to London, I couldn’t stop myself from solving a problem I’ve struggled with a long time: The jumping between Powerpoint, Youtube, web pages and interactive applications when people are presenting interesting things. I thought I better come up with a Javascript solution to the problem, so here we go: Have a look at my interactive, multimedia presentation, directly in your browser.

Interactive Music Software – interactive presentation

Abstract: Interactive Music Software