About me

I am, since 1996, a lecturer at the department of music production and media production at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. Since 2017 I’m also a PhD student at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

Other things:

  • I’ve been freelancing as a pianist, singer, choir coach, composer, arranger and band leader
  • I’ve been teaching music at first and secondary school, high school, and several music schools
  • I am a Worship leader in Korskyrkan Stockholm
  • I worked for Sibelius Ltd in London 2004-2007 developing interactive music teaching software (Sibelius Groovy Music)
  • I ran a company with Mats Liljebladh and Bjarne Nyquist (sourceforce.nu) with a (at that time) market leading MIDI plugin (Sequence Xtra) for Macromedia Director
  • I developed the application Nasdaq Vocal Index together with Ola Pehrson
  • I was leading the developer team behind the interactive music education software (IMUS)