After many hours of javascript coding and scientific paper writing I can finally present my latest invention: WebAudioXML. I will present it at SMC2020 in June this summer but here is a preview. Feel free to try it out and let me know what you think.

See the Pen Simple Synth With Mixer by Hans Lindetorp (@hanslindetorp) on CodePen.

WebAudioXML makes it possible to build Web Audio Applications using XML to create audio nodes, managing audio signal routing and mapping external variables to control audio parameters. The project a part of my PhD and is available at https://github.com/hanslindetorp/WebAudioXML. The DEMO above is one of many available at CodePen.The keyboard in the example is implemented using Web Audio Controls.

Please feel free to use it, contribute and participate in the development. It’s not possible to buy or license the code nor to expect any warranties or support, but don’t hesitate to contact me via LinkedIn or my research page on Facebook if you share my passion for sound and music computing.

There is a 10 lessons tutorial available on YouTube as well to help you getting started:

Thanks to Simon Eidenskog for initial feedback, Kjetil Falkenberg for supervision and co-writing the paper, Peter Schyborger, Mattias Sköld, Mattias Peterson and my colleagues at KTH for valuable feedback.

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